Become a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator

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Congratulations on your interest in joining the Stampin’ Up! family. I welcome people from all over the UK to my team.

Do you:

a) love Stampin’ Up! products and want to get them at a discount?


b) want to build a business around your passion for paper crafting and earn money from doing so?

What does it cost to join?

It costs £99 to join. You pick £130 worth of Stampin’ Up! products for your £99, and you also receive a business pack (catalogues, order forms etc) worth £45. You can join here here

People become Demonstrators for different reasons. What kind demonstrator would you like to be?

*Discount Demonstrator: Buys discounted stamps and supplies for personal use and occasionally sells to family and friends.

*Short-term Demonstrator: Works to earn a specific amount of money then stops when the goal has been reached.

*Hobby Demonstrator: Enjoys running workshops and classes and earning extra money when its convenient; works a lot some months and very little or not at all at other times.

* Seasonal Demonstrator: Works hard running workshops during September, October and November and maintains minimal sales during the rest of the year.

*Stay-at-home Mum Demonstrator: Runs her business around her family commitments, doing workshops a few nights a month to make extra money.

*Career Demonstrator: Views Stampin’ Up! as a viable business with long-term career potential; is ambitious to move up the career ladder and works consistently at the business.

What benefits do I get for joining?

*20% discount off the net product total on all orders placed

*20% Instant Income on the net product total on all orders placed for your customers

*Exclusive access to the demonstrator website

*Earn free hostess stamp sets and merchandise

*Earn free stamps, qualify for cash bonuses, product bonuses and incentive trips

*Receive downline override compensation

*Pre-order select Stampin’ Up! stamps and products a month before the customer sales period

*Receive exclusive Stampin’ Up! magazines

*Attend demonstrator-only events such as monthly, quarterly and regional Stampin’ Up! trainig

*The ability to leave, with no penalties and no questions asked, at any point should you wish to leave

*Flexibility to do things your way.

What do I do as a Demonstrator?

The quarterly minimum sales target is £270 (gross) to remain as an active demonstrator. Remember this can be made up of your own purchases; friends and family orders, and customer orders (should you choose to have customers), or a mixture of all three.

Your first quarterly minimum needs to be reached at the end of a full quarter, so if you join part way through a quarter you have until the end of the next quarter to reach your minimum.

What if its not for me?

If you join and you decide it is not for you then you don’t need to do anything else, there is no further commitment. You don’t have to give anything back; nor are there any fees to pay. You simply ‘drop’ by not placing any more orders. There will be no-one calling you or hassling you, you simply stop.

Do people really  make money doing this?

Yes. Depending on how much time you want to put into your business what you earn is totally up to you. Some people do this full time, others just a few hours here and there.

How do I make money doing this?

By keeping 20% of orders as income. You will also earn extra money if your monthly sales are over £200, and you can also earn a percentage of the sales of any downlines you have.

Do I gave to recruit a downline?

No, not at all. Having a downline is a perk, not a requirement. It is an opportunity to earn a percentage of your downline’s sales, however it is also a responsibility and you will need to train and support them. Whether you take on downline demonstrators depend on what kind of demonstrator you want to be.

Do I have to hold workshops?

No. They’re a good way to meet new customers, reach your sales targets, and meet new friends, but only if you want to do this as a hobby (and you’ll be meeting your sales requirement with your own purchases) you won’t need to hold classes or workshops.

If I do hold workshops and parties where do I get my ideas from?

There are many resources for ideas – Catalogues, training events, Stamping’ Up! magazines that are sent to you as part of your membership and emails from HQ (known as the Home Office). Stampin’ Up! demonstrators CASE (copy and share everything) ideas meaning you can copy what you find (

Why join my team?

I’d love you to join my team. Join here

I’m extremely passionate about what I do; and I’m serious about being your upline. I’m positive, i love the relationships I have with my downlines and I’m committed to offering full support and raining for those who want it. I’m totally supportive of whatever type of demonstrator you’d like to be and I’m on hand to help. if you have any questions then get in touch by phone (07824 775467) or email me at or you can sign up on the link below and ask questions as you find your feet.

Sign up and purchase the Starter Kit online here