Protect your Memories Before Its Too Late

By | 26th May 2016

Protect your Memories Before It’s Too Late

Hi everyone,

I just read a thought provoking article about all the digital photos we take that never make it into print and how dangerous this is from a memory keeping perspective. Stamping’ Up! work with Becky Higgins, founder of Project Life and have some great products to make memory keeping fast and easy for all busy people who think they have ‘no time’ to save these precious images which when they are older  they will want to share with their family. I started a photo album on each of my granddaughters when they were born and they love to look through them and see how much they’ve changed. Protect your memories for future generations, you don’t have to print out 100s of photos, just a few that highlight a particular time or event in your life.

Click on the link   Stampin’ Up! Project Life  to see the range of Project Life products available through Stamping’ Up! and start saving your precious memories.

Please feel free to have a look at Mike Yosts article as it might strike some chords with you as well, click Here to read it.

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